Burwell Liberal Democrats

Edited by Hazel Williams, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Burwell. Learn more

What we stand for

Your Liberal Democrat Councillors stand for these things:

Localism. We believe that as many decisions as possible should be taken locally rather than nationally. This is why when the Liberal Democrats won control of Cambridge City Council they established local Area Committees, with budgets for environmental improvements, and with authority over smaller planning decisions.

Working hard for the community. Liberal Democrats are keen to understand residents’ concerns, and address them effectively. We know that apparently small things – broken pavements, defective street lights, graffiti – can make a big difference to the quality of people’s lives. We work for communities, all around the year, to get these things put right.

Excellence. We are very proud of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. We believe we should be striving for excellence in everything we do.

Inclusion. We serve the whole population, young or old, able-bodied or disabled, in or out of work.

Environment. We take climate change extremely seriously. We are keen to encourage walking and cycling, and we work hard to encourage people to switch from the car to less-polluting public transport. We also take seriously the protection of green spaces and bio-diversity.

Value for money. We are keen to keep Council Tax down, and to make sure that every penny of it is carefully spent to produce good value for money. We recognise that Council Tax bears particularly heavily on poorer tax payers. The Liberal Democrats regard it as an unfair tax, and believe it would be much fairer to replace it with a local income tax, based on ability to pay.

To read our manifesto for the 2009 County Council elections, and for copies of our policy papers, please go to the www.libdemfuture.com website